Press Release

Registration is FREE of charge for Fitment Centres and Clients alike. We will NOT ask for any commissions, kickbacks etc… and most importantly, You deal with your customers directly!

iWantTyres is a great tool for you and your new clients and that’s the way it will stay!

Initially we never expected the amazing response we got from clients and fitment centres alike.

During the year we received some varying comments and reactions and we would like to clarify the role that play in the current consumer environment.

The system was created to assist both the consumer and the fitment centres in that the main aim is to arrange technology enhanced interaction between the two role-players. Unfortunately as is usually the case we also received some negative feedback from certain role-players in the industry as well, which is normal when change happen to long existing processes.

Our reaction to this.

Let me start by saying, most consumers will phone around to get the best tyre prices, they do not just go into the first and best outlet and buy a very expensive item like tyres on a whim.

However, contacting ten fitment centres takes time and with all the technology at our finger tips, why on earth would we still go back and waste time? In layman’s terms, when you book a flight, don’t you shop around for the best price? Supplier or Consumer, we are all consumers who want the best deal in every transaction we do.

Luckily we were skilled enough to design and program a user interface which would not only simplify everyone’s busy lifestyle, but also potentially save money for the consumer while growing the potential business of the registered fitment centers. The practise will further ensure that there will be healthy competition in the market place.

For those not registered yet, the power is in your hands, as mentioned iWantTyres was developed for all fitment centres as well as consumers.

In summary please take note of the following:

•    iWantTyres is NOT linked to any brand
•    We are NOT linked to any association
•    We are NOT selling tyres
•    We ONLY provide data

Like the rest of the internet and social media we are here to stay, we will keep growing and will continue to provide the technology to consumers and fitment centres alike.

If you have any questions, Feel free to direct them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.